8 Handy Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment...

Are you just moving into your new apartment? Or are you planning on improving your apartment décor? Regardless of what you have in mind, decorating an apartment can be a little bit challenging and tricky as you have to consider the size and how far you can go with the decoration, especially for rented one. But do not let these hassles stop you to make your living space cozier and more stylish. With that in mind, you better take a look at these 15 ideas to steal for your apartment decoration.

Take advantage of every empty space you have for extra storage. Build a DIY organizer below the floating shelf in your bathroom and use it to store your bathroom essentials.

The Petite table like this should be chosen for your dining area. But the point is, go with scaled-down furniture to avoid cramping your space.

Use the gallery wall as the center stage of your minimalist apartment. Frame several photos, printed pictures, or painting and display them in your living room.

Choose light colors on the walls and floor. The soften hues from the colors will create an illusion of bigger space for the cramped room.

Dress up your apartment windows with bold colored or patterned curtains. They make a statement in your minimalist décor.

Floating shelf makes more room to place your drinking utensils and even a few decorative items. You can also dress up the cabinets with floral covering and add light strings around to light up space.

The sparkling effect of these metallic vases and lamp can reflect light and brighten up your room. With a simple spray paint job, your kinds of stuff will look more expensive.

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