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  • Business Confidentiality Agreement

    Basic non-disclosure agreement that defines information considered confidential, and a plan of action in case of disclosure.

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    Filename: Business-Confidentiality-Agreement.docx

  • Partnership Agreement

    This is a partnership business agreement sample for a new company. The owner is creating a partnership to help get his business off the ground, so to make everything clear and legal, he draws up an agreement that lays out the terms.

    Size: 38 KB
    Downloads: 11958
    Filename: Partnership-Business-Agreement.docx

  • General Partnership Agreement

    This general partnership agreement sample pertains to the formation of a baking company between two partners. The agreement describes the roles of both of the partners within the company. It also lays out the various details concerning start-up investments, the division of profits, and the possibility of the partnership dissolving.

    Size: 43 KB
    Downloads: 10797
    Filename: General-Partnership-Agreement.docx

  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

    This mutual confidentiality agreement sample is for two company owners planning to merge their businesses. They wish for important company inside information to remain confidential throughout their business dealings, so they sign an agreement that obligates them to refrain from disclosing private matters to others.

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    • Filename: Mutual-Confidentiality-Agreement.docx

  • Client Confidentiality Agreement

    This is a client confidentiality agreement between a consultant and a business firm. It outlines the terms of the agreement, provides a list of subjects which are to be considered confidential information and lets the receiving party know its legal boundaries.

    Size: 37 KB
    Downloads: 7476
    Filename: Client-Confidentiality-Agreement.docx

  • Professional Service Agreement

    This professional service agreement includes a description of the services to be provided, expectations of both parties, and the conditions of time and payment. It also includes specifics as to what would happen if the services are unsatisfactory.

    Size: 41 KB
    Downloads: 15887
    Filename: Professional-Service-Agreement.docx


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Professional Service Agreement

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