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JD Designs
is here to make your design dream a reality. Whatever you’ve envisioned for your home or workspace, we are here to get it done. Since 2000, our professional, creative team has been designing homes that are most important to our clients. Let us lead the way to an outcome you’ll love.
In short, we’re here to help you love your home. We pay great attention to detail and know-how crucial the little touches are. We’ll work closely with you to understand what you want, your style, and which elements are most important to you.
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JD Designs
was created in 2000. Since then, we have grown into a family of creative and innovative interior designers committed to excellence and unparalleled design.
We believe creative designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and client. We strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and apply their feedback and ideas into our designs in every project. However, we do use our expertise to ensure that the result is as professional as possible.
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all our designs are done 100% to our client's satisfaction as we know you put your heart in every dollar 

We give quality to your home.  

We are Interior Designers and Decorators located in London, Ontario, Canada. 

JD Designs

stands for Name and why we pick JD Designs ( JD= Justin & Dawn plus Dawn Marie's favourite Whiskey) Design will Dawn Marie has been in the Interior Design industry seen she was a kid dad was a contractor back in the 80's '90s. Early 20's Dawn Marie Studied Interior Design at York UV and Interior Decorating at QC Design College. Designing is in her blood. We also hire students and other designers/decorators and sometimes home Stagers to help them get started.


Dawn Marie Interior Designer and Founder

Interior Designer & Founder


Dawn Marie is the Top Designer and Founder of JD Designs with over 14+ year experience industry.

Art Director


Josie is our art director and takes care of all decor and 3D designs. She has 12+ years experience.

Head of Sales


Martin make the dream team work, he is our power house here at JD Designs. Martin has 22+ years experience in sales.


  • Picking A Colour is Everything!

    2 hr

    1,200 Canadian dollars
  • Why A FIRST CONSULTATION IS A MUST, Let us come meet you and your home

    1 hr

    $350.CAD A Hour
  • We make choosing finishes simple and easy.

    6 hr

    1,400 Canadian dollars
  • Let's us help you in the areas you need a designers eye for.

    1 hr

    Flat Fee $4900
  • Helping Take the Guesswork out of Your Project!

    1 hr

    Contact us
  • 1 hr

    Contact for Fees
  • Book a professional designer by your side, when you need us most!

    1 hr

    3,900 Canadian dollars



Interior Design

JD Designs takes your space and makes it into another world you have been dreaming out of magazines since you were a child. You can see her love for decor right down to the finest detail. At the same time, keeping you way under budget. Amazing style and great customer service, Bet you will love your new space over and over again...Definitely a one-stop-shop. Call and book your appt today, so tomorrow you're enjoying your Dream space.

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ADDRESS | 2-316 Hilton Ave 

               London, Ontario


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